Panthers Backup OT Jonathan Martin Retires


Backup Panthers offensive lineman Jonathan Martin, best known for his role in the Dolphins bullying scandal two years ago, has decided to retire, a team source confirmed to Jonathan Jones of the Charlotte Observer.

Martin, who was claimed by Carolina off waivers in March, has a back injury that could require surgery, according to NFL Network. At 25 years old, Martin decided to retire rather than get the surgery and continue playing.

According to FOX Sports, Martin suffered the injury during a recent workout and would require sitting out for at least six weeks.

Martin went through OTAs and veteran minicamp last month as the primary backup to left tackle Michael Oher. Rookie Daryl Williams was serving as the primary backup at right tackle to Mike Remmers. David Foucault, Martin Wallace and Nate Chandler are the other tackles on Carolina’s roster.

Martin started in 32 of his 38 NFL games for the Dolphins and 49ers. While with the Dolphins in 2013, Martin left the team for “emotional reasons,” and a later report found that he had been the subject of bullying in the locker room.

The “Worst Non-Active Player” in Panthers History? SI Makes Their Choice


Sports Illustrated has put out a piece on the “Worst non-active player by franchise” for each and every franchise, the Panthers included.

The player that the author the piece, Doug Farrar, picked was a choice that will probably be remembered for all the wrong reasons – that being wide out Rae Carruth.

Rae Carruth
WR, Carolina Panthers

The Panthers took Carruth in the first round of the 1997 draft out of Colorado, and for a while, it looked like things might work out. He caught 44 passes for 545 yards and four touchdowns in his rookie campaign, but played in a total of just seven games over the next two years. Why is Carruth the worst player in Panthers history? Because in 2001 he was found guilty of conspiring to murder Cherica Adams, the woman who was carrying his child. Adams died in the shooting, and the child, Chancellor Lee Adams, suffered permanent brain damage as a result of the crime. I’ve been told by one former Panthers executive that nobody on the team saw this coming—Carruth had no criminal history to speak of, or at least any history they were able to uncover. He was sentenced to 18 to 24 years in prison, with a projected release date of Oct. 22, 2018.

The horrible story had a long-lasting impact on the franchise. It put a pall over the tenure of first-year head coach George Seifert, it changed the philosophy of owner Jerry Richardson, who became much more hard-line about off-field character when vetting draft prospects, and a lot of people had to answer for the actions of a player who surprised just about everyone in the organization with what he did that day.


Cam Newton

“It’s more than about the money…I’m in a place where I really want to be at and I’m being compensated for being here. Charlotte has given me hope and an opportunity…It’s time for me to do my part.”


“It doesn’t mean doing everything by myself. I feel like the Carolina Panthers are built from the ground up with guys who are invested.” Cam is invested.

Cam believes in his team. “What people don’t see is the chemistry.” Accountability is stressed with this team; each player is responsible and accountable to each other. “We just want to be the best Carolina Panthers team that we can become.” “We show up on film and play for each other. That’s what I want people to see, offensively as well as defensively.”

“Ten years from now I want to say that I’ve played with the best Carolina Panthers team ever.” “We’re trying to be great…we have a locker room full of guys yearning to prove their worth, myself included.” “Coach says, understand your role and master it.”


LB Davis Feels a New Deal is Coming Before Camp

Wild Card Playoffs - Arizona Cardinals v Carolina Panthers

Panthers linebacker Thomas Davis preemptively told a reporter Thursday he didn’t have any information on his negotiations on a long-term extension, Joseph Person of the Charlotte Observer reports.

And while the talks have not yet produced a signed contract, Davis remains hopeful a deal will be finalized before the start of training camp at the end of July.

“Sure, absolutely. That’s why we’re working on it, to try to get it done,” Davis said. “We’re not just working on it to say we’re working on it. I feel like it will be something that will be done probably before we go to camp, but we’ll see.”

Davis, 32, is entering the final year of a contract that will pay him $7.25 million this year, with a salary cap number of $9.9 million. The NFL’s reigning Man of the Year has said he would have retired rather than play for another team had the Panthers not picked up the two-year club option in 2013.

Davis expressed confidence Thursday that the Panthers would present a fair deal.

“I feel like they will,” he said.

Cam and His Cam-Do Attitude

cam headphones cbssports

In 2014, the question was asked by Sports Illustrated to LB Luke Kuechly, “In one word, describe QB Cam Newton.” “Character,” was the word given to describe the influential leader of the Carolina Panthers. “You cant describe that guy in one word,” says Kuechly, “That’s what makes him tough, he’s bright, he’s smiling, he’s having a good time, he’s joking, but he’s a competitor and that’s what it always comes back to. Cam will have his fun but when it comes time to compete, you better believe he’s going to compete.”


Fans are witnessing a historic moment in the life of the Panthers. A renewal of energy has circulated the Carolinas and the team recognizes the energy, encouraging the momentum and embracing it.


Cam wants to get behind such a movement, calling out the fans to continue the tide of enthusiasm as he and the team continue to seek the cherished prize of bringing the Lombardi trophy to the Carolinas.


“Life is so funny, it’s all about growth,” says the maturing QB. “Things have to evolve. You have to shed things that were good and also those things that were bad… I’m still striving to be who I want to be.”


Cam clearly recognizes that the accident of last year had a major impact on his view of life and in making the necessary changes he needed in order to be the person that he wants to be. His life needed re-evaluation. “The moment came on time.” Cam is about seizing the moment and living life to the fullest, he says,“You have to appreciate life.”


Cam wants to live his life on a high-note. He wants to remain positive and surround himself with positive people. “If you have negative energy, stay away from me, I don’t need it. I’m all about positivity. That’s very contagious. So is negativity.”


Panther fans need to rally behind their team’s vocal leader, heed his words of wisdom and expect the good results.

Some may view the QB as arrogant, cocky, and all the other “negative” words that have been said about Newton. However, the QB says what he feels, he wants to excel, he wants to dominate, he wants to change the game for the positive and he won’t let anyone stand in his way.


Is this the type of leader that fans can be excited about? That fans can rally behind? The type of leader that a team can support and expect great things as he leads them down the field and gives it his all, knowing his role and what he can offer.

yes we cam

Cam Can.



Schefter: Newton and Panthers Agree On Five-Year Deal Worth $103 Million

Pittsburgh Steelers v Carolina Panthers

Quarterback Cam Newton has signed a five-year, $103.8 million extension with the Panthers, a source told Adam Schefter of ESPN.

The extension features $60 million guaranteed and will earn Newton $67.6 million in the first three years, according to the source.

Newton, the first pick of the 2011 draft, was in the final year of his rookie contract. Carolina exercised the fifth-year option on that deal last year, meaning Newton was set to make $14,666,666 in 2015 before the extension.

The deal was negotiated between the Panthers and agents Bus Cook, Tony Paige and Chitta Mallik, the source said.

Newton’s representatives had been seeking a contract with a high percentage of the money guaranteed and not tied to injuries or other clauses to increase the base value, such as deals the San Francisco 49ers’ Colin Kaepernick and Cincinnati Bengals’ Andy Dalton signed last year.

Source: Newton and Panthers Closing In on Long Term Deal

Seattle Seahawks vs Carolina Panthers, 2015 NFC Divisional Playoffs

Quarterback Cam Newton and the Panthers are close to finalizing a long-term deal, multiple sources confirmed to David Newton of

ESPN 730 radio in Charlotte had earlier reported that a deal between Newton and the Panthers was close.

The station, co-operated by former Panthers general manager Marty Hurney, reported the deal could be done as early as Monday and is likely to run through 2020.

Newton, the first pick of the 2011 draft, is in the final year of his rookie contract. Carolina exercised the fifth-year option on that deal last year, meaning Newton was set to make $14,666,666 in 2014 before an extension.

The radio station reported Newton’s new deal, based on the current market, is likely to be worth between $20 million and $21 million a year.

Newton and the Panthers will open up play on the road against the Jacksonville Jaguars.  Tickets for week 1 in Jacksonville start at $40, according to  In Week 2, the Panthers will have their home opener against the Houston Texans.  Tickets to Week 2 start at $45, a slight increase over the opening week. According to, fans looking to spend a night after the game can find hotels near the Bank of America Stadium for as low as $65. However, it is slightly cheaper to stay in Charlotte with hotel rates starting at just $39.

Panthers to Target a DE in 2015 Draft


Kony Ealy is still a work in progress, but can the Panthers afford to wait for him–when it is clear they need another dominant pass rusher to fill the void of Hardy?

Ealy not ready

Ealy is still not where the Panthers want him to be. It was clear that when Ealy was drafted last year in the second round that he was a work in progress and needed to develop his fundamentals.

The Panthers have prided themselves on having a staple defense–it is one area that they emphasize and were hoping to rest easy. The Panthers re-signed DT’s Cole and Edwards who helped stabilize the group last year. Coach Ron Rivera also indicated that Star Lotulelei is coming along nicely with his rehab, according to NFL insider, David Newton.

It is clear that a piece is still missing with the departure of Greg Hardy and if Ealy has not clearly shown that he has taken the next step, then the Panthers may look at taking a strong DE early in the draft. Rumors have been circulating of a possible trade down by Carolina who would look to re-solidify the pass rush. The Panthers are doubtful to make such a strong move; it would be an uncharacteristic approach to their draft philosophy, no matter the need to find a replacement. The Panthers do find themselves in a good position with this years draft, having gained two Compensatory draft picks, both in the 5th round.

randy gregory

randy gregory workout

The Panthers have a decision to make and the draft is one where all the cards on are on the table. Randy Gregory certainly hasn’t helped the Panthers problems with acquiring a ready-to-go, dominant pass rusher. Gregory is showing off-the-field issues, which the Panthers aim to stay clear of, having shown a zero-tolerance for “character” issues. Gregory recently failed a drug test which may hurt his chances to be a top-10 pick in the draft. An aggressive pass rusher would be a hot commodity for a lot of teams and there is reported interest by the Atlanta Falcons that they would look to take Gregory in the draft.

Here’s the top-18 DE’s in this years draft, which is deep at the DE position:

top 18 DE

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