J-STEW’s READY TO RUN /WR Core Breeds Competition/ Update on Benwikere


RB Jonathon Stewart was reported to have a foot issue that was giving him trouble during OTA’s.

The Panthers chose not to draft any other RB during this year’s draft to ensure the position. I thought the move to look for a RB would be a likely one but instead the Panthers decided to concentrate on strengthening the defense.

ESPN’s David Newton asked the RB a question that I have asked in the past and received a short response.

When asked about the injury J-Stew responded: “I’m good.”

A valuable lesson that I had learned from J-Stew and many of the players is that “injury issues are sensitive subjects” and many wish not to engage or discuss their immediate status.

Stewart goes on to praise LB Luke Kuechly for his initiative role in the community and for being an all-around “stand-up guy.”

J-Stew “doesn’t think his foot will be an issue even when training camp starts,” reports Newton.

He said, “He’s ready to go.”

WR Coach Ricky Proehl on “Depth at WR Position”

Proehl: “It breeds competition.” “It’s awesome.” “These guys are getting better because they know they’re competing for a job.”

WR Ted Ginn for the first time in several years is playing on the same team, same offense.
“He’s got confidence in the way he’s running routes. And catching the football.”

“He’s become a leader in our room.”

WR Damiere Byrd who was on the practice squad last year, worked hard to get to the point he’s at this year.

“He’s created a lot of noise in minicamp and OTA’s.”

“He’s turned it up.” “He runs good routes, has great speed, and good hands.”

“He’s got a great feel for what we’re trying to do.”

On the WR Core as a Whole:

“We have a special room.” “The guys are helping each other succeed.”

CB Bene Benwikere Update Status

“I think its more precautionary stuff now.” Benwikere is able to do individual training.

Benwikere told Rivera that he’s “gotten over the hump and the ankle feels good.”

Rivera: “He’s developing nicely.”

“We’re counting on him to become one of the leaders in the secondary.”

Benwikere still believes they have vocal leaders on the field to continue on the right track that ‘Thieves Ave.’ had arrived at and enough to continue to move forward.

“We just have to get the drafted corners up to speed on the communication line.”

“It’s very important that the CB’s understand and develop the communication with the rest of the defense,” said Rivera.

ATTENTION ALL MADDEN FANS – Madden 17 Early Recording #Panthers

cam madden 17


To all the gamers plus football fans, Madden looks to improve adding different elements of surprise each year.


Madden 17 looks even more realistic with its graphics and attention to detail.


The introductions look superb as if you’re watching the opening of a real life game live on t.v.


The video recording is a “work-in-progress” but for all the gamers out there it looks to be getting better with the progress thus far.


If you’re anything like me and like to match up the teams before or after a game, Madden is the game to play.


The game featured in the video is a matchup between the Panthers and the Washington Redskins played at the B.O.A.


The player introductions look phenomenal.


Though I was disappointed not to see ex-Panther Josh Norman in the lineup.


The first few plays show the Redskins offense moving the ball at will. I hope this will not be a precursor of how the Panthers secondary will play, having rookie corners on the field.


Cam was shown making a lot of bad reads having multiple interceptions. From the reigning MVP and with gaining his #1 WR Kelvin Benjamin back from injury, I think Cam will be more poised and be able to continue to spread the ball around to his plethora of receivers. I do not expect him to take any step backs. As Cam has stated, he hasn’t reached his “peak” yet.


I also noticed #27 CB Robert McClain being outgunned at his position.


I liked the brand new “running mechanics” in that it shows the direction of the runner and alerts the player to throw a stiff arm and when to juke. I hope the game won’t limit J. Stew because as all Panther fans know, he is a beast and one of the toughest in the game to bring down. (Stewart appears to have not as much burst as I would have liked to have seen. And it appears that Cam is harder to tackle then Stew during the game play.)


However, the Panthers squeeze by with the win at the end (14-13).


What are your thoughts?


Are you looking forward to the new Madden 17? (Continue reading for more footage of the Madden 17 game trailers)





In this next trailer, Cam does the Superman.


LUKE Kuechly gets an interception, side-stepping into the end zone.


You see a lot more awesome moves in this clip.


This video shows more of a dominating performace from the Panthers as Panther fans are used to seeing—with a bone-crushing defense and an explosive offense. It’s about time EA got it right!


Not sure about a Cam Newton fumble. Not from SuperCAM.


But Cam breaking a long yardage run into the endzone—I can see that! (37 yd. TD run)




Madden 17 Gameplay – Cam Newton’s Dominating Performance


As to the rookies ratings, it has yet to be seen to what their potential is for this season—Hopefully with the coaching surrounding them and the hard work of preparation, they will rise above expectations and go well beyond the EA’s mediocre assessments. But it is hard to knock the game makers as the rookies have yet to show their ability on the field.




Madden NFL 17:: Panthers Rookies | Vernon Butler, James Bradberry, ETC.. (Projected Ratings)

— Panthers vs. Seahawks

Madden 17 Gameplay! EPIC LATE GAME SHOWDOWN Cam Newton vs Richard Sherman!


AND what kind of finale would it be without Panthers vs. Broncos

Cam Newton may have retired the #DAB but EA Sports did not. Here you can see Superman dabbing in the endzone—


Madden NFL 17 Release Date: Aug 23 — preorder now, save 20% on price


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Did Cam Newton Try to Kick the Ball in SB 50?

Feb 7, 2016; Santa Clara, CA, USA; Denver Broncos outside linebacker DeMarcus Ware (94) grabs a loose ball ahead of Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton (1) during the fourth quarter in Super Bowl 50 at Levi's Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

Feb 7, 2016; Santa Clara, CA, USA; Denver Broncos outside linebacker DeMarcus Ware (94) grabs a loose ball ahead of Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton (1) during the fourth quarter in Super Bowl 50 at Levi’s Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports


Voices cried out on condemning Cam Newton after the second, yes, second forced strip by the elusive Von Miller of the Denver Broncos.


Many cried out that QB Cam Newton should have gone after the football, specifically, diving on the ball.


However, the shot that was repeatedly shown during the game was not the best shot to see what actually occurred.


Here’s to clearing the slate AND giving credit where credit is due – to Calm. Collective. CAM.


AND here’s to the next run. #runfor51.


Video # 1 (Critics) Youtube—“What Would You Do If You Were in Cam Newton’s Shoes? SimFBallCritic


Video #2, #3 (# 3 shows the OTHER angle of the play in question)

Panthers vs. Broncos: Super Bowl 50| First Half Mic’d

Panthers vs. Broncos: Super Bowl 50| Second Half Mic’d



***(Forward to about 6:00 mark to see the play in question– You can clearly see Cam’s foot going forward in an attempt to kick the ball away from Ware #94).***

Cam Newton Explains Why He Didn’t Dive on Fumble in 4th Quarter

The Fumble

Video #4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xXE1WjOEUjg


Charlotte Observer’s Joe Person had tweeted Cam saying that he didn’t dive on the fumble because of the way his leg was that, his leg could have been “contorted.”


Cam’s effort was criticized.


Cam continued to say: “As long as my teammates know,..coaches know, anybody that follows this team knows…”


“At the end of the day what’s already understood shouldn’t even have to be said.” “Pretty much everything that’s been said about us is fluff.” “We are professional athletes.” “We will be back.”


But his leg would’ve been in the mix following what the video evidence seems to suggest.


Cam goes on to say that it wasn’t because of that fumble that the Panthers lost the game.


CAM & Kickball –Here’s to setting the record straight.

Cam can be seen at charity events playing the sport kickball.


But after close examination from a different angle, Cam can also be seen going to kick the ball after the fumble but then backs off after he knew that he couldn’t get to the ball in time after DeMarcus Ware #94 quickly pounces.


Cam in one of his post-superbowl interviews said that he’s not a conformist. “I’m here to win football games.” “My fans know what’s real. I leave everything else out on the field. I prepare the right way. I have a mentality—a standard I set for myself. And I’m not going to bend nor break.” “We had an unbelievable, great season.” –ESPN



Charles Tillman Says The Only Team He Wants to Play for is the Panthers

Charles Tillman

Veteran NFL cornerback Charles Tillman has only one team he wants to play for once he is fully recovered from the torn ACL that cost him a chance to play in the Super Bowl last season, Christopher Dabe of the New Orleans Times-Picayune reports.

“I just want to play for Carolina,” Tillman said Saturday as he helped former Chicago Bears teammate Matt Forte at his annual football camp in Slidell.

Tillman helped the Panthers to a 15-1 regular season record before an ACL tear in Week 17 put him out for the playoffs and Super Bowl.

The 35-year-old is five months removed from the surgery to repair the ACL injury, and it would be “probably another two months before I’m able to do a few more things.” To join a team toward the end of training camp “would probably be the timetable,” he said.

Tillman played 12 seasons with the Bears after the team selected in the second round of the 2003 NFL Draft out of Louisiana-Lafayette. He joined the Panthers in 2015 after his contract with the Bears expired.

“Being in Carolina felt like I had been there my entire career,” he said. “The team, the community, the atmosphere, that vibe. The Carolinas — North Carolina and South Carolina — they showed a lot of love.”

Tillman said the “unity and respect” among players was “what made us very special.”

“That’s the only team I really want to play for,” he said. “It’s Carolina. It’s a great group of men. … A great group of coaches. The front-office guys are great. To me it was no surprise they were, or we were, 17-2.”

Panthers Look to Be a Force Again in the NFC In 2016

The Carolina Panthers are very much a team hungry to get back to the promised land of the Super Bowl in 2016, and many NFL experts still feel this is a team that a legit shot of repeating as NFC Champions.

Top betting sites like William Hill have the Panthers at 9-to-1 to not only get back to the Super Bowl, as they did against Denver last season, but this time to get the job done.

GM Dave Gettleman was able to get star quarterback Cam Newton locked up in the 2015 offseason, and he responded to his new mega deal with a huge season, leading the team both on and off the field.

He was the NFL MVP last season, and he’s just 26 years old, and his best football could easily be ahead of him. He’s got to make sure to stay healthy, as it’s no secret that how he goes, the Panthers go in 2016.

Another reason to be excited about the Panthers offense is they will get Kelvin Benjamin back, right away upgrading their wide out core.

Jerricho Cotchery dropped two big passes in the Super Bowl, and Benjamin not only will bring his pass catching ability back to the team, he will also be able to spread the field more and give Newton another strong target.

While having a lot of money to spend this offseason, the team remained smart, made vital moves to make sure they would once again be a force in the conference, and should be right back at the top of the NFC South, and again be a threat to anyone they play, and should be right in the mix again for another shot at the Super Bowl.

Though this time they should be able to get the job done.

Carolina Panthers Cornerback Group Ranked 32nd per Pro Football Focus

The Carolina Panthers have a mediocre cornerback group. The loss of the Panthers best corner Josh Norman, who signed a five-year contract with the Washington Redskins this offseason, could be the reason why Carolina’s cornerback group is ranked the worst in the National Football League.

In a recent Pro Football Focus article that ranked all 32 NFL cornerback groups, the Carolina Panthers surprisingly did come in last place. PFF listed them at #32 out of 32.

Ben Stockwell the writer of the article gave his reason on why the Panthers’ cornerback group is ranked 32nd in the NFL.

Returning only Bené Benwikere, Robert McClain, and Teddy Williams among corners who played for the team last season, the Panthers face a tall order to produce a secondary that can match up to last year’s group. The Panthers invested multiple picks in corners in the draft, and unless McClain and Benwikere can produce on the outside in a way they haven’t done to this point in their careers, the pressure will be on the Panthers’ young corners to produce immediately.

The Panthers top corner was Josh Norman who left for the Redskins. Not having a “shutdown” cornerback on your roster is never good but teams do manage. The good thing about being ranked 32nd is there is room for improvement.

The Panthers need a young defensive corner to step up in 2016 and prove to fans and his teammates that he has what it takes to become a top corner in the National Football League.

(Which cornerback do you think will step up for the Panthers in 2016?)


Carolina Panthers Sign Punter Mike Scifres to a one year contract

Photo Credit: Panthers.com

The Carolina Panthers have signed former San Diego Chargers punter Mike Scifres to a one year contract.

Scifres was drafted in the fifth-round of the 2003 NFL draft out of Western Illinois. Just after he signed his contract he talked about being in Carolina and what this means for his career.

What I did for 13 years in San Diego I still feel that I’m capable of doing here,” Scifres said. “I still feel I can play. Going into the draft, I knew there was a possibility I would end up getting released by San Diego. This is a new chapter, and it’s about the player I can be for this team.

The Jacksonville Jaguars signed former Panthers sixth-round draft pick Brad Nortman, who was their punter since 2012. Scifres is a veteran leader and should succeed under a new organization. We will just have to wait and find out.

Carolina Panthers Sign Center Ryan Kalil to a two-year contract extension

The Carolina Panthers just inked a deal with five-time Pro Bowl center Ryan Kalil. The former 2007 second-round draft pick has been sensational throughout his career in Carolina.

This news comes from Panthers.com and is an official signing.

The deal is worth $16.75M with $13M in guarantees.

A captain, leader, and valuable player for the Panthers will continue to showcase his excellent play for another two seasons.

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